Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking the Plunge - Outdoor Furniture Design

"Tablecloth" my first venture into Outdoor Furniture Design

I have been thinking a lot of late about outdoor furniture and this is the reason why - I have flung myself into the world of furniture design. It came about by accident really - a chance remark by someone and I began to think about it and then I began to look around at outdoor furniture. There was a lot of it and a lot that looked a lot like all the other furniture - wooden or aluminium and synthetic webbing and a bit of glass here and there. While furniture for interiors is awash with colour and imagination I find that outdoor offerings on the whole are not.

"Tablecloth" - detail

So I took the plunge. I know a little bit of madness possessed me but I find I am enjoying myself. So here before you I present a little of my work and a little bit from others who I think do a great job. Some other Australian work and a couple of international pieces which are probably only for those with the deepest pockets. And since I'm self promoting today - you can see more about the furniture and the ideas behind it at

This piece is from Tait - an Australian company who produce some great outdoor furniture - all designed and made in Australia. This is there latest offering entitled Jak & Jil.

I love these - another Australian design the Aura seating system by 2Design. These pebbles can be bought in this delicious stone effect or illuminated - they're comfy and good looking.

Well, I had to include some of the international work - Patricia Urquiola designed this "Tropicalia" setting for Moroso - I love the vibrant colour.

Something a little more restrained in colour (but not design) from Danish designer Louise Campbell.


Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hello Tina,

I like your tablecloth, but then I generally like Moorish/Arabic patterns.

I like the second one as well (Jack and Jill). It's got that mid-century modern look to it.


Pam Kersting said...

These are really great! Can you provide sources for them? Thanks.

Susan said...

Great blog, I saw this site with some useful info on Outdoor Furniture. Hope it helps

Tina said...

Pam both my own table and the table from Tait are only available in Australia. If you're interested in the other products go to the sites that I have linked to and they'll give you stockists. Glad you like the furniture.

Nadia said...

The red table is great. I love it.
Thanks for posting.
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