Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snippets from the Garden Show Part 1

"The Succulent Roof" from l to r, Sedum 'Dragon's Blood', Sempervivum CV,
Sedum Green Jellybean, Sedum 'Voodoo', Sedum 'Gold Mound'

A brief post just to update you on a few things from the 2009 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show - all in all it was a fun day - lucky I went when I did the next day the heavens blessed us with lightning and thunder and pouring rain.

A few of my favourite things - as you may know from my posts I'm a little obsessed with green roofs and walls currently so I was drawn to the following two displays;

Firstly the succulent roof at the Savewater display .... it was a bit of a cheat all the succulents were planted in trays and placed on the roof of the shed. However it was put together by Melbourne University's Burnley Campus who are researching green roofs and green walls and more can be found at their website.

L to R Sedum Green Jellybean, Sedum 'Voodo', Sedum 'Gold Mound',
Sedum Reflexum, Oscularia deltoides, Sedum rubrotinctum, Sedum Green Jellybean

The second was the wall of Lirope muscari in James Dawson's garden inspired by MC Escher's artwork. The wall was very effective but I'm not sure how water wise - the planting material was absolutely sodden. The structure of the wall was supplied by Fytogreen.

The Garden designed by James Dawson inspired by the artwork of MC Escher
and the vertical wall of Lirope muscari

More of my picks of the show to follow in my next post.

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Camellia said...

Definitely new angles on garden design here. It's funny though, green roofs are such an old idea (in Sweden they've benn used since medieval times). I guess of that reason, I can't see the modern green roofs as too exciting, but, the green walls, wow, that's something.

Liked the design inspired by MC Escher, although these lines all add up (as opposed to Escher's) it still as a structural feel of his drawings.