Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vertical Web Wanderings

Vertical Display at Flora Grubb

The thing I love about the Web is that it opens my world to many things that would otherwise simply be out of my physical reach.  One of these is the San Francisco based Flora Grubb Garden Store.  They seem to have the most gorgeous displays of plants and garden accessories.  

One of my current favourites that they have on display is something called "Wooly Pockets" not the best name you would agree but seemingly a rather delightful low investment vertical garden.  Designed as a simple modular system for creating a vertical garden for inside (waterproof) or outside.  Even better they are made from recycled plastic bottles which has to be a good thing.   
Other vertical delights featured at Flora Grubb include those using succulents and a fantastic use of tilandsias. I highly recommend you hop over there for a look whichever way is possible (physical or metaphysical).


Daniel Mount said...

Thanks for the garden store tip, I'm headed to SF next month and will try to stop by. Sorry about the water problems there. Thanks for showing the bamboo sculpture. Amazing! D.

Tina said...

Thanks Daniel - have now discovered your blog and will have a good read. Look forward to maybe hearing about your SF visit.

Carol said...

Love this post... what creative ideas that make life more interesting and beautiful. I will share this with my friends in SF. The piece that is hanging beneath the window over the candy is fabulous and looks like it could be made out of a plant but most likely metal of some kind. Makes me think Peacock... Great Store! Carol

Alison said...

We've been enjoying the vertical garden in Melbourne Central lately! Alison.