Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goodbye to Melbourne and Kia Ora New Zealand

Early morning view of Wellington Harbour

I have a good excuse for my silence I have been in the midst of moving countries.

Still no time to write but a tempting picture of my new locale.

5 comments: said...

Hi Tina,
Hope the move has gone well. Love the view!
You will be missed in melbourne.
I have scored some furniture from Tait as a plan B.
Thanks for the link on your blog
See you soon, hopefully!

jo©o said...

What a soothing image.
To have the right and privilege to go and sit down there whenever you fancy, must be the most precious thing one could own.
Even in the 70x70 icon format this image called to me.
Good luck and happiness in your new home.

Alice Joyce said...

What news! I hope all is good. Now I'm really sorry I didn't have a chance to meet you in Melbourne, as I had hoped to visit this month or next - but it is not happening after all. One of my dearest friends is originally from Wellington.
Best and warmest wishes to you,
if you haven't visited, I've a new web site up and taking most all my energy. When you have a moment, please stop by:

Grasshopper said...

This place looks so serene. The white paint on the furniture complements that of the beautiful place. I can sit there all day. :) Nice to know that you've been to different countries. It's always good to see new places. I just saw these amazing butterflies in the Butterfly Rainforest in Gainseville, Florida last month, you might want to take a peek. :)

Stone Art said...

Where are you moving to, please don’t tell me you are leaving the likes of Wellington and Melbourne to move to the UK.
Melbourne is my favourite city ever, spent six weeks just chillin over there, what an amazing place. After that spent a year landscaping in Christchurch NZ (almost didn’t leave, but for some reason ended up returning home to Ireland) sigh!