Sunday, May 30, 2010

Garden Design on a VERY Small Scale

  A Pete Dungey Garden

A friend emailed me this link and I just had to laugh.   It just proves there's no space to small to make a garden.  Their lifespan looks limited though.

A proper post is brewing I PROMISE.


Stone Art said...

Hee he, thats a great idea. Might recommend that one to the local authority here, make use of all the pot holes in the roads here in Ireland.

The Intercontinental Gardener said...

Hi Tina,
lovely to have you back; hopefully the move went well and you are all settling in well. I just love those pothole gardens, even if I feel a bit scared for the poor little flowers living on the edge all the time...

Chookie said...

We've had rain for the last couple of weeks and potholes are appearing all over the place -- Pete would have his work cut out for him here!

Alice Joyce said...

Hi Tina
Are you happy in Wellington? Do so want to see it one day, along w/ SE Australia!
Thanks for the delightful chance to laugh out loud this morning.